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All our processes to satisfy your requirements.
We have accreditations ISO 9001, ISO 9100 and ISO 13485


Our control of manufacturing quality is challenged with the increased demands and demands to get the product to market as quickly as possible while meeting the highest quality standards.

Our goal is to produce better products faster and more efficiently, right the first time.


Our quality system allows us to quickly resolve identified quality issues within our process through internal operations and in the network of our suppliers.


By identifying quality issues quickly, we reduce downtime for our machines, which avoids exceeding customer expectations and continuously helps improve product quality.


Our system is designed to support continuous improvement and is in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems, ISO9100 for aeronautics and ISO 13485 for the manufacture of medical devices.

Customer satisfaction management

To continually improve customer satisfaction and retention rates through product quality, we quickly resolve customer-reported issues in a consistent and predictable manner with the implementation of preventative / corrective actions.

Manufacturing quality management

We globally manage documents, manufacturing tracing and problem solving such as deviations, defects, incidents and change requests, enabling us to manage global non-conformities.

Internal Audit Management

Our internal management audit processes are comprehensive and conform to current ISO best practices and requirements.
We plan, organize and manage internal audit tests based on the objectives of the audited activity and apparent strengths / weaknesses.

Preventive / Corrective Actions

The source of the problems is studied, the root causes identified allowing the planning of actions. An assessment of their effectiveness is made by controlling costs and improving the quality of your products.

Risk management


First article analysis to determine, evaluate, prioritize and manage risks to achieve good product compliance. Perform financial and operational assessments and the impact of non-compliance and then put in place a risk mitigation plan and activities.

Document management


We manage in our ERP a digital library of all documents and manage their life cycle including change requests, modification, routing approval and training.




In accordance with its quality policy, Microtec takes care to respect its commitments thanks to the following standards:

AFNOR AFAQ ISO9001 aéronautique usinage

ISO 9001 : Quality management

AFNOR ISO9100 aéronautique usinage

EN 9100 : aeronautical standard


EN 13485 : Medical standard

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