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Your parts can be fully assembled by our highly qualified assembly and finishing team.
Ancre assemblage


In addition to machining we also perform specific services such as :

  • adjustment (microbilling, micro-sandblasting, deburring, polishing)

  • assembly (assembly, gluing, folding)

  • laser marking & micro-percussion marking

  • cleaning by detergent chain (according to standard NF S94-091)

assembly assemblage mécanique précision médical aéronautique ISO13485 ISO9001


Our highly skilled manufacturing, fitting and finishing teams will be able to assemble your most accurate parts.

Upstream, our method technicians will be able to design mechanical assemblies, instrumentation and equipment allowing an assembly with a lot of care and finesse.


These assemblies are tightly controlled at the end of their manufacture and then tested to ensure they will work exactly as requested.


Your parts can be marked by laser or percussion.

Several fonts and sizes are achievable depending on the exposure time, power and rate of the laser and the nature of the oxides composing the material.

laser médical ISO13485 ISO9001 anodisation TA6V

If you want specific surface treatments, our qualified treatment partners will be able to carry out these operations, and we will leave it to you to mark your parts. We can thus realize markings by fading proposing you a wide choice of final aspect.

décomtamination ISO9001 ISO13485 ISO 13485


Your parts can be cleaned, degreased and packed by us. We are equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning machine that guarantees the decontamination of your parts.




At Microtec, we are proud of the quality of what we do. Microtec Micromécanique de précision can offer you the most comprehensive service of accompaniment in mechanical design to machining, assembly, marking, packaging. Your products will be ready to sell.

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