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To make sure your parts are of the desired quality we use the latest methods and equipment.
Ancre controle


Our quality control department


To ensure that your parts meet the quality you and your customer needed, we use the latest technology for equipment and inspection methods.


We are happy to meet any inspection criteria you deem necessary. For your most complex and critical parts, we have two Mitutoyo three-dimensional measuring machines.

These machines check your parts the same way every time which gives you peace of mind that you will receive repeatability and measurement reliability.


We attach particular importance to the means and organization of our controls to ensure quality products.

In accordance with our quality policy, our control tools are calibrated annually and evolve in parallel with our means of production.


We can control positions from a Ø0.4 mm and locate them to the millionth of a meter.

Metrology Management Software:
CETIM, Gessica

Mitutoyo tridimensionnelle palpeur renishaw 3D

We guarantee you:

  • First article inspection report

  • Preliminary inspection reports of samples

  • Failure process and effects analysis

  • Production Parts Approval Process


We operate in the markets of high specification and sensible tolerance for this we hold the following accreditations:


ISO 13485 Medical, EN9100 et ISO9001. Learn more


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